Saturday, May 17, 2008

Highlights from May 14th-16th

These relatively random pictures require a brief explanation. The first picture is of "Reba" also known as Jordan, one of my favorite students!
Mallory and Cathy point out that Friday is their last FCF day at WVMS!
The third picture is of Papaw as he read Chelcie's graduation letter. And you wonder how I got so sappy?!
Picture number 4 is Sam after devouring one, count it, one chocolate sucker! We should buy stock in Tide!

The fifth picture was taken at Addie's soccer practice on Thursday. For some reason, I could imagine Tom and me racing around the park in our scooters in the not-so-distant future! Notice that SHE is kicking HIS butt!

The sixth picture if from Addie's Fun Day with her bff, Morgan. Unfortunately, shortly after this picture was taken, it started to rain and the kids had to head back inside to resume their studies.

The seventh picture is PROOF that yes, Crawfords do occasionally eat at home. This was a specially requested dinner of Chicken Pot Pie lovingly prepared for my daughter, Chelcie.

My personal favorite, however, is the last picture. This may look like a rubberband and a gold-plated paperclip to the untrained eye. To me, this is a one of a kind creation that Tiffany's could never come close to duplicating! This bracelet was presented to me in recognition of Mothers' Day, 2008 by the most handsome of young men! Samuel Ryan Crawford took good care of his momma by designing this exquisite piece himself. Notice the thickness of the band, the way the light catches the delicate curves of the charm-it's almost whispering, "I love you, Mom" with every flick of the wrist! Yes, crafted from his six-year-old hands, this rare piece is sure to be treasured for many years, or until the rubberband give out! :) I am loved!

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