Monday, May 26, 2008

The Unofficial Start of Summer

I'm already starting to have that familiar nostalgic feeling of something lost. It seems whenever one chapter of life ends, and the next chapter has not gotten started yet, I feel empty and a little lost. Summer hasn't officially started yet; I'm not technically finished up at school so maybe I'm in limbo.

I can't wait to get the ball rolling with Reach Them this year. There are so many exciting days ahead. I ask the Lord for wisdom, direction, discernment, and the energy and passion I will need to sustain myself and our incredible team. Scott Cagle has continued to speak God's Word into my life. Sunday mornings never cease to show me new insights into the heart of my Father. It's a privilege to be used by Him to accomplish His plans on earth. My feelings of inadequacey, incompetence, and inexperience serve to prove that He is working through me and using me in a powerful way to change things in our corner of the world. I pray that I will listen, be obedient to His call, and be free from any kind of selfish ambition or motives.

Sunday's service was on How to Receive God's Blessing. How appropriate! After church, Chelcie, Sam, and Addie and I went to Grid Iron Burgers for lunch. We enjoyed spending time together. We always laugh a lot. Chelcie and I were talking about WestLake and the new, young pastor from First Bapt. Concord. I mentioned that I had talked to Scott Cagle and the possibility of partnering with NorthStar. I was telling her that Scotty Hicks has nothing but good things to say about Phillip Martin, but all I managed to get out was, "Scotty..." when Chelcie looked at me with a bemused expression on her face. When I said, "Scotty" she thought I was talking about Scott Cagle! She said, "You call him Scotty now?" It was a funny moment!

Addie's belated birthday party was held Sunday night at the Parkway Drive-In in Maryville. We had Morgan, Kloee, Natalie, Taylor, Addie, and Sam, of course! Once the girls arrived, we loaded up Scotty's truck, Ed's foam padding, and enough sugar to keep the Knoxville dentists in business for the next ten years! Dinner was an assortment of hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn chicken, french toast sticks, etc. at Sonic. The girls had a blast and attracted a lot of attention as they sang the soundtrack from Enchanted at the tops of their lungs from the back of the truck.

The movie was funny and the truck provided a comfortable, warm place from which to enjoy it. We passed the pre-movie time by passing a football, blowing bubbles, making trips to the bathroom, and arranging pillows and blankets to maximum comfort.
We headed back to Knoxville about 11:00 with a load of sticky, tired children. The sugar kicked it about the time we arrived home, and I struggled to get the kids to stop talking and settle down. Addie opened her birthday gifts, and her friends signed a special frame commemorating the occasion. The sleeping arrangments were made, then remade several times. Taylor called her parents who came and picked her up about midnight. Sleeping arrangements were modified yet again, and finally, the room was quiet around 2:00am.

Morning came early at 7:30 with the pitter-patter of little feet across the hardwood floor. Tom brought in Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast that were devoured by famished females in record time!

Moms and Dads reclaimed their children at 10:00, so life began to return to "normal." Taylor came back over to hang out for a while. Chelcie and Tom headed out to Fort Sanders to workout, while I catch this blog up to date. Grandmom called to invite us to a family cookout at 5:00 this afternoon. We're responsible for bringing corn on the cob for 14 people! How is it possible for our family to have grown so large! It's definitely going to be a nap day today! Stand by for picnic pix from Grandmom's house.

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