Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Checked Out and Ready to Play!

Finally, finally, finally! I'm checked out of West Valley Middle School and ready to enjoy the lazy days of summer! I cleaned out my desk and loaded up some junk that will likely stay in the car until the first day of school this fall, but my check-out sheet is complete!

I spent most of the day hanging out on the trampoline with a good book. The Shack is a faith-stretching story of triumph over tragedy. I've enjoyed it so far, but it's weird. I'm reserving judgement until I finish it. I guess you could say it's making me think of things in a different way. God is represented by an overweight, African-American woman! That alone is enough to shake up my preconceived notions!

Addie went to Natalie's house to spend the night. She was so excited! She started getting ready about four hours before she was to be there! Drew is at the beach with Andrew. He has texted me one word since he left. I asked him, "Are you alive?" and he texted me back, "Yes." So I guess all is well.

Chelcie was a little bored this afternoon, so I offered to fix Petro's for her and some of her buddies. Now, my backyard is crawling with so-to-be college freshmen! Cassie, Becca Cox, Sarah Hope, Kelli, Kelsey Crabtree, Charley Park, Hunter Daniel, Scruggs, Luke, Corey, Patrick(?), Jennifer, and Abby are here. They are good kids who have grown up WAY TOO FAST! Delaney was here earlier, but she left to go to her grandparents' house. Then she came back!

Sam is having fun hanging out with the "big kids."

I've included some pictures from Grandmom's and Papaw's Memorial Day Cookout as part of today's update.

There is a funny picture of Bennett going potty outside. The funny part is that Katie almost broke her leg throwing her body in front of the camera lest her baby boy's private parts be displayed on the Internet for world-wide viewing!

There is also a picture of a painting the Drew created for his Advanced Art class. This is a portrait of Andrew Soreano at Krispy Kreme with Central Bapt. Church of Bearden in the background. He's an amazing artist and I am a proud mom!

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